Intellectual Property Guard PDF ebook and MP3 Audios MRR

Product picture Intellectual Property Guard PDF ebook and MP3 Audios MRR

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Safeguard your work from potential thieves and annihalite anyone in court if they mess with your property!

Table Of Contents:

What Are Patents?
The History of Patents
Section 1 General Information on Patents
Trademark, Copyright or Patent
Types of Patents
Plant Patents
Design Patents
Utility Patents
Business Method Patents
Section 2 Patent Eligibility
Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Patent
Why You Would Need a Patent
Protecting Yourself
Preventing Other People
What You Can Patent
What You Cannot Patent
Section 3 Patent Laws
Section 4 The USPTO
An Overview of Its History
The Hierarchy of the USPTO
The Role of The USPTO
Contacting the Patent and Trademark Office
Preparing Yourself to Navigate Through the Patent Maze
Section 5 - The Patent Application Process
Researching Previous Patents
Obtaining the Application Form
Filling In the Form
The Oath
Drawings and Photographs
Filing The Application
Processing Of the Patent Application
The Patent Application Fees
Section 6 When A Decision Has Been Made
When Your Application Is Approved
If Your Application Is Rejected
The Initial Rejection
The Final Rejection
The Appeals Process
Instead Of A Patent
Section 7 After the Patent Is Issued
Section 8 Consulting a Patent Lawyer
Planning a Visit To Your New Patent Lawyer
Reviewing the Credentials Of A Patent Lawyer
Section 9 Patent Expiration
Section 10 Patent Pending
Section 11 Patent Infringement
Filing a Lawsuit Against Patent Infringement
Getting Help Outside the Courts
When Your Patent Cannot Be Enforced
Patent Infringement Outcomes
When You Are Accused Of Patent Infringement
Removal of Patent Validity
Section 12 International Patents
The Rights of Foreign Nationals When Applying For US Patents
The Rights of Americans When Applying For International Patents
Section 13 Patent Conventions and Treaties
The Patent Cooperation Treaty
The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
Section 14 Interference: Deciding the Right Patent Owner
Section 15 Co-Patent Ownership
Section 16 Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make
Section 17 Using a Patented Component to Invent Your Own Product
Section 18 Marketing a Patented Invention
Section 19 Popular and Useful Inventions
Popular and Useful Inventions Springboard For Invention Section 20 Conclusion

113 Pages
4 MP3 Audios

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